Karnataka Government

Saturday, August 4, 2012
Karnataka political system characterizes several regional parties like any other south Indian state. The political scenario of Karnataka is always full of gossips and the state has to handle creed, language and case issues frequently. In totality there are 7 regional parties apart from the Congress and BJP who form the main competitors. Karnataka is the IT hub of the nation and thus forms a major part of the economic scenario. With so much importance, Karnataka is a major topic of discussion among the masses and the media.

There are 225 major constituencies in the state, major among them being Bhatkal, Jagalur, Aurad, Hanur, Channagiri, Kushtagi, Puttur, Karwar, Malur, Mandya, and Vemgal. Koppal, Shimoga, Kolar, Chikmagalur, and Udupi form the Lok Sabha constituencies. While the bills need to passed and discussed by the two major political parties, it is the regional ones that play a greater role in the move.

The regional parties in Karnataka that determine the elections in a big way are Coorg National Council (Mr. N. U. Nachappa as the general secy), Kannad Chalavali Vatal Paksha (Mr. Vatal Nagaraj), Karnataka Congress Party, Karnataka Kranti Ranga, Karnataka Vikas Party, Maharastra Ekikaran Samithi, and URS Samyuktha Paksha. These form a major role in the coalition.

What has haunted the Karnataka political scenario since long has been the inter caste rivalries. Anti - Hindu and anti - Tamil rivalries have been issues since the '60 and still not solved. Vokkaligas and Lingayats are primary case divisions. For long in the 2000, the Kaveri water dispute was a major agenda and the parties made it their triumph card in the elections.

By Madhumay Mallik