The Government's New Agenda - Robbing Citizens of Their Way of Life

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Politicians have struck again - this time attacking your retirement savings, healthcare, and impacting your life in even more dastardly ways that you ever thought possible - and you may have even asked them to do it. Yes, it's a sad but true tale of trusting and letting the government, a.k.a. politicians, run our lives.

Politicians have put new laws into the books that will allow the government to take (confiscate) almost $4 out of every $100 of investment income you make - these investment include your interest, dividends, annuities, royalties, capital gains, and rental income. This tax is on top of what you already pay in the form of other taxes on income.

Eighteen months from now you will also pay an extra tax for services if you undergo diabetes testing, joint replacement surgery, MRI and CAT scans, pacemakers, and stents, you may be subject to a new tax, taxes snuck into the healthcare bill as part of Obama's plan to rescue America. B.S.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi summed it all up when she stated, "We have to pass this bill so you can find out what's in it." Her statement was a great indication that the American public was about to be bamboozled. Such idiotic thinking is similar to signing a legal document without reading it only to find out you just signed your entire bank account over to some slick Willy shyster.

Some provisions of these laws are already in the books. Their appearance started in January 2011, and others go into effect in 2013 and 2014. What can you do? Write your Senators and Congressman TODAY. Demand explanations of their stance and if they voted for a bill they never read ask them WHY they were that stupid, then vote them out of office. They aren't in it to serve your best interests.

The BIGGEST threat to your money and the American way of life is our governments willingness to print its way out of trouble. That's idiotic, too. Printing money is not the way you corral a debt structure problem. That is similar to you writing bad checks, while stating you have the money to cover your debts. It didn't work for Great Britain following WWI and WWII and it still doesn't work that way in 2011. Printing money to cover debt leads to uncontrollable inflation, as eventually the value of the dollar coupon will become worth less - a.k.a. worthless.

Want proof? Turn on your TV and look at what's happening in Europe. Greece is about to default on its debt obligations. Italy is in much deeper dire straights and will default, too. The default of these two countries alone will plunge Europe into a sovereign debt and banking crisis that will lead to massive inflation. The debt carried by France, Germany, and the USA places us at the risk of financial collapse. As a result the US will increase deficit spending, print more money and exacerbate the situation. Foreign creditors have already started leaving the US Treasury market in front of the global financial collapse because sources that carry Europe's debt, some 33% of it, comes from American money-market funds.

All of this was brought on by shear stupidity on varying levels. How? Remember when banking institutions were lending jumbo mortgages, I'm talking about sub-prime loans of $250,000 - $400,000, to people earning little more than $40,000/yearly. Insanity. The US government owing more than it takes in, then printing more money to cover the debt. Huge companies, organizations with debt loads two times higher than their revenue streams getting bailouts from the US government to keep them afloat.

Want to stop the insanity? No more bailouts. Stop printing money. No more quantitative easing by the Feds. Restructure the IRS tax laws. Institute a federal sales tax; YES, I KNOW IT WOULD BE PAINFUL, but consider the consequences, inflation that could very well push a loaf of bread to $6 or $7, $28 a gallon gas, and other staple products beyond the purchasing power of more than 70% of all Americans. America cannot save its way out of the debt crisis, regardless of what politicians tell you. The committee commissioned by Obama to save money won't work. The US needs revenue, not fancy tax code and financial manipulation. Call your representatives and demand a resolution this month.

By Rich Albright

Australia's Carbon Tax and the Role of Government

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Amidst a sea of debate surrounding the Australian government's proposed Carbon Tax, it seems that a central key issue is being overlooked. The issue is not one that has ever been a focal point of public discourse in Australia since at least the post-war period, and arguably as far back as the early days of Federation. Namely, what ought to be the defined role of government in Australia, and to what extent should its reach be limited?

The Gillard Labor government is the first minority government in Australia since the second World War. It holds power in the lower house only with the backing of two independent MP's. At time of writing, this government is now looking to introduce a major new tax with far-reaching implications.

The significance of this move and the root of subsequent controversy, public rallies and demonstrations can be surmised in four historically anomalous points:

1) The proposed Carbon Tax is an initiative of a small country with relatively minimal contributions to global carbon emissions, which is not being followed by any major developed nation or any of Australia's neighbours in the Pacific region.

2) The tax does not have popular public support behind it.

3) The governing party promised during the previous election, prior to forming a minority government, that it would not introduce this tax.

4) The proposed tax has a very clear prescriptive or 'paternalistic' nature, designed to disincentivise certain economic activities that run contrary to ideological aims.

The last major tax imposed on Australia, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), was preceded by a similar assurance that it would "never ever" be introduced. However, when the Prime Minister of the day made an about-face on that position, he did subsequently take it to the following election as part of his platform and was narrowly re-elected, providing a mandate of sorts. The significant difference this time around is that Australia has a minority coalition government attempting to introduce major legislation in its first term of office, which it was elected under the assurance that it would not do.

The public demonstrations that have followed included a massive truck convoy that descended upon the nation's capital, Canberra, calling for a new election. Legal experts soon responded that such a move would not be possible under the country's constitution. It would seem that there is in fact little recourse that the Australian public can take, politically, under such circumstances.

In Australia, the people hold absolute power over their government for one day approximately once every four years, and extremely little during the interim. Could the Carbon Tax draw the public's attention to this matter, and finally call into question the size and scope of government in Australia?

Unlike in the United States and certain other democracies, where the Constitution clearly delineates the rights of the people from the encroachment of their government, Australia, from the time that it emerged from a collection of British colonies to become a Federated nation in its own right, has never had a thorough public discussion as to where the rights and opinions of the people end and the legislative power of government begins. Unless it should require more drastic political circumstances before confronting this question, perhaps now is the time.

By James T. Hannagan

Role of Opposition in Democratic Government

Monday, June 25, 2012
Democracy is a system of forming government that allows public expression of opinion and accommodation of divergent views. Since democracy is based on number game with eventual majority rule, the minority, as opposition, should act to check and highlight the excesses of the majority. In this sense opposition parties are the pillars of any democracy and are the voice of the people, especially the marginalized. Opposition must see to it that a sense of direction which has been lost sight of by the people at large should be restored to them by the work and creative role that the opposition play and must play to take Pakistan to further vistas of glory and achievement.The opposition should be the people's watchdog keeping the government on its toes and forcing it to follow the right democratic path. Opposition parties also play the oversight role by ensuring that the actions of government are in the best interest of the people. Role of opposition in a democracy is much more creative and crucial rather than opposition for the sake of opposition. Its main role is to expose weakness in government policies and remain a vigilant watchdog over the action and inaction of the government. The right of opposition to oppose the wrong policies of the Government is an inalienable and essential part of the democratic process. What we observe in Pakistan is that freedom, rights, liberty, equality, justice and fair play are not only abused but also misused by the coalition Government in the center but the opposition is all along silent.

In Pakistan fact is that genuine leadership has never been allowed to flourish and if there had been a few of this caliber to lead our nation, they had been very mercilessly made controversial or even removed from the scene. PML (N) leadership being opposition could not properly act as watchdog over the activities of government till now for unknown reasons and has merely played the role of "Friendly Opposition". The present government has pushed the people too much in the corner. Right from the day PPP came into power, miseries of people have been added manifold. People do not have money to purchase expensive petrol, diesel and oil. People do not have enough money to pay the exorbitant rents to landlords. People do not have food. Business community of the country is raising hue and cry to the government to take notice of the depressing situation arising from increasing mark-up rates and ever rising electricity tariff being harmful for both the trade and industry and urged the government to withdraw the same immediately as export oriented industries are already suffering badly due to unbearable costs of inputs and utilities and survival of industries is already at stake due to continuous increase in power tariff by the government on one pretext or the other. The opposition remained constantly silent within the Parliament as well as outside the Parliament. The entire nation is suffering due to the skyrocketing prices of food and utilities whereas job opportunities and sources of income have squeezed massively, and more and more burdens of taxes and price hikes has resulted to an almost total collapse of the system but opposition is nowhere to agitate for the people to minimize these destitutions. Price hike in items of basic living necessities and essential services have triggered a chain reaction of increases in prices of everything and rubbished the essence of house-hold budget planning. As if rationing of wheat flour, sugar, power, gas, cooking oil was not enough, now petrol, diesel and kerosene prices have been further increased out of every conceivable proportions.

It is unbelievable that the Government elected by the People is working only to crush people by burdening them with unbearable hardships. Till now, It has been able to produce only sugar mafia, power mafia, cement mafia, land mafia, LPG quota mafia and now, and the foremost fuel mafia. It is surprising that, price of fuel which is one of the basic essentials of life today, is being made more and more out of reach of a common man. This clearly is not a Government for the people. Corruption rating recently announced by the Transparency International is a symptom of deep institutional weaknesses which has led to inefficient economic, social, and political outcomes resulting to reduced economic growth, retarded long-term foreign and domestic investments, enhanced inflation, depreciated national currency, reduced expenditures for education and health, misallocated talent to rent-seeking activities, pushed firms underground, distorted markets and the allocation of resources, increased income inequality and poverty, reduces tax revenue, and distorted the fundamental role of the government.

So, what would ultimately happen? Poverty will further rise; there will be more crimes, injustice and social inequality. The theory of the present Government "democracy is the best revenge" has been fully enforced upon the poor people of Pakistan by taking revenge from them and the only intention of the Government is to strip all the clothes of poor masses. The agony of the people has gone too far. In modern societies where the existence of opposition political parties has been institutionalized, they serve the purpose of being an alternative to the ruling parties by offering alternative policies. The Opposition in Pakistan has not been able to perform its main role of questioning the government of the day and holding it accountable to the public whereas the Opposition is equally responsible in upholding the best interests of the people of the country. Contrarily the opposition is in deep slumber has not brought a single motion that is relevant to the poor people, nor has it contributed immensely in public policy formulation and implementation as well as being the voice of the people. If a party is an alternative government, its leader is the Prime Minister-in waiting should have sufficient charisma to strongly agitate the public demands before the Government.

Besides, it is important for an opposition party to demonstrate its democratic credentials. Party conferences should be run democratically, and members should debate issues freely and be able to call on the party leadership to account. Opposition parties across the world, under very difficult conditions, do a lot of research and come up with alternative policies. The opposition parties on the one hand fight for the rights of the people and on the other hand offer civic education to voters on the importance of politics and voting, especially in the run-up to elections. This not only encourages the voters to vote in large numbers but to make more informed decisions. Mere "Friendly Opposition" is no opposition. The present situation gives an impression that the elite in this country whether belonging to Government or the opposition have no connection or feelings for either the poor people or their sufferings.

By Awais Abraham

Obama Administration to Cut Government Waste?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
It is not government's job, at least not here in the US, to employ everyone, and it is not the state's mission to grow the size of government, as per our constitution. The Federal Government's job is to protect the American People, not domesticate them into some sort of a nanny state, making them weak, inferior, and eventually unable to care for themselves. It seems rather un-American, at least to me anyway, to grow a bureaucracy which invades every aspect of our lives.

The was an interesting blog post not long ago titled; "Can Obama's war on waste make a difference?" posted on November 23, 2011 by Joseph Marks; on the Government Executive website. The article quoted President Obama who made a statement during his taxpayer funded campaign visit to a labor union in Ohio:

"There are 12 different agencies that deal with exports," the president complained. "There are at least five different entities that deal with housing policy. Then there's my favorite example: the Interior Department is in charge of salmon while they're in fresh water, but the Commerce Department handles them when they're in salt water. And I hear it gets even more complicated once they're smoked."

Okay so, let's discuss this for a moment shall we? First off, this title; "Can Obama's war on waste make a difference?" assumes that the Obama Administration is going to try to tame waste, which is ridiculous, and will amount to nothing more than his directive to reduce burdensome and unneeded regulations, remember that? It's all show and no go, dog and pony baloney if you ask me, all made for media. The reality is that this Administration is the problem, they are growing wasteful government, so it's hypocritical for them to even suggest otherwise, or claim to be on a mission to cut out waste.

You see, a socialist leaning government can never reduce waste, for it is wasteful by definition. The only way to decrease the waste is to drastically limit the size of government, which can only be done through a Six Sigma approach using common sense and efficiency metrics. The Obama Administration has done nothing to bring efficiency or reduction to the size of the Federal Government, so it is fairly premature to give them credit for their future efforts on cutting waste, especially when listening to such promises from a campaign podium, read from one of the Obama's 56 teleprompters that the administration and his campaign committee now owns.

Maybe we need to start cutting government waste by cutting out some of the minutia coming from all the political rhetoric; you think?

By Lance Winslow

Generation Entitlement

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." - JFK (1961)

Times have changed since the darling of the Democrat Party uttered those words during his inaugural address in 1961. Could you imagine a politician from either party making a statement like that today? Americans wouldn't understand what he was talking about. Today, American political discourse is couched in terms of what the government will do for you. A comment like Kennedy's just doesn't compute with the generations of Americans who have grown accustomed to government entitlements and handouts. JFK might have well have been speaking another language. And now, on the heels of the Supreme Court's ruling on President Obama's healthcare reform, it has become strikingly apparent that the loss of this way of thinking is fundamentally reshaping American society and government.

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are on over the issues of entitlements and government intervention in our lives, you have to be honest in acknowledging that there are negative side effects to this change of mindset. The problem is not just political, it is cultural. We have to ask ourselves what will become of a society that believes they are owed everything and responsible for nothing? This is the dilemma at the core of America's cultural decay and political gridlock. Unfortunately, it often seems that what is best for society has been lost in a sea of narcissism.

There are many examples in our culture that show how the flipping of JFK's quote is symptomatic of a "culture of me." However, for the sake of brevity, this article will focus on the one area that is fueling this epidemic, education.

Once I entered the classroom as a teacher in 2008, it did not take me long to figure out that the kids I was teaching had a much different set of expectations than I did as a high school student in the late 1980s. They possess a much greater sense of themselves and an underlying belief that the world owes them something. This is in large part because their mindset was formed in a culture that taught them these three critical tenants: that everyone gets a trophy; education and entertainment are one in the same; and to not worry about student loans and college debt because a degree will ensure that all your dreams will come true. None of these dogmas of education prepares them for the real world. However, what may be worse is that these fallacies fuel the entitlement mindset. Once these kids become young adults and realize that the education institution did not prepare them to succeed in the real world, they easily fall prey to politicians who promise that the government will help them. Ultimately, they turn to the same bureaucracy that let them down because its promises sound so sweet. This is a downward spiral that is threatening liberty and polarizing our society. Out of desperation and confusion because what they have been taught does not compute with the real world, today's generations seems to be more willing to sacrifice freedom for government care and entitlements.

This dilemma affects all socio-economic classes. Teaching people to succeed in the real world helps all facets of our society. However, doing so will challenge the guiding dogmas of education and ask people to take more responsibility for themselves. This is a request that requires a return to a mindset that asks "what you can do," not "what everyone can do for you."

Imagine how much more cooperative and harmonious our society would be if we adopted this framework that JFK suggests. If we prepare our kids for the real world and teach them that their belly buttons are not the center of the universe, cooperation will flourish and the entitlement mentality would fade. However, we are failing them. We teach them that "safety nets" are fundamental rights and that Uncle Sam is the one to turn to with their problems. We have to be honest in recognizing that the costs of this change in mindset are increased narcissism and the loss of liberty, (two things that should seem to be at odds with one another). As a culture, it is time for us to recognize the consequences of entitlement policies and the education dogmas that fuel them. If we do not, politicians will continue to prey on our desperations and confuse us with hypocrisy.

By Rodney L. Pearson

High Speed Rail and Big Government Projects - Where There's Smoke You'll Find Fire, Follow Money

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Why is it that we keep finding more and more fraud in government projects and big government purchases? How come it's always some ridiculous crisis and our government with our taxpayer's money throws 100s of billions of dollars at a problem, then later we find out there were less than ethical players on all side of the game with their hands out? Even Congressmen purchasing stock in those companies just before they themselves signed off on allowing those funds to be spent and those contracts awarded?

Luckily, the insider trading issues are a thing of the past, but what about all the bribes, lobbyists, kick-backs, and political assistance to keep these folks in power to give even more money to their new wealthy friends? Okay so, let's talk because this is not just something that happens in the US, in fact here it's actually mild, compared to the abundance of corruption elsewhere in the world.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article not long ago having to do with China's high speed rail system, it turns out they found corruption involved, even more than once thought after the huge train crash, apparently they entire rail line has challenges due to corrupt dealings. The article by Norihiko Shirouzu titled; "More Rail Misdeeds Come To Light in Chinese Audit," was quite telling and yet, I ask should we even be surprised?

Headline: Government Throws Big Money at a Big Project

A Year Later: Fraud Discovered in Big Project

I mean how many times does this have to play out in nations around the world for us to realize that anytime, perhaps, almost every time the government spends big dollars on anything that there are back-door deals, corruption, and fraud somewhere in the mix? And if you think our country is different, I'd say hardly, it may not be as corrupt but we've seen all sorts of corrupt deals in alternative energy projects here at home, and it's not even the Obama Administration, even though he came from Chicago School of Politics and everyone expected it - really, this crap has been going on for decades, just as Adam Smith warned us.

Further, there is always plausible deniability, no culpability, and all these leaders and players, just look dumbfounded about the whole thing - amazing, I say, simply amazing. It hardly matters if it is here at home, in Europe, the Middle East, China, Philippines, African, South America, Russia, or where ever, it's all the same. Shouldn't we stop this nonsense? Please consider all this and think on it.

By Lance Winslow

The American Political Class - Small Time Thinking Yielding Small Time Results

Friday, June 8, 2012
- Annual amount of taxpayer money lost to fraud and criminal activity in the Social Security Program - $70 billion a year

- Annual amount of taxpayer money lost to fraud and criminal activity in the Medicare Program - $60 to $90 billion a year

- Annual amount of taxpayer money lost to fraud and criminal activity in the Medicaid Program - $30 to $40 billion a year

- Annual amount of taxpayer money lost to unnecessary and obsolete deployment of about 140,000 U.S. troops in South Korea, Japan, and Europe - $35 billion a year

- Annual amount of Congressional member earmarks that politicians wastefully dole out in exchange for re-election financial support - $16 billion a year

- Annual amount of savings by eliminating the dysfunctional, ill performing, and unneeded Federal government's Department of Education - $107 billion a year (Source: Cato Institute - Downsizing Government Project)

- Annual amount of savings by reducing the Federal government's civilian headcount by 200,000 people, back to the historical civilian employee level prior to Obama's inauguration - $20 billion a year

- President Obama's latest effort to trim excessive government expenses via reduction in government coffee cup purchases - Priceless

As always, you cannot make this stuff up. The above list of REAL expenses cuts via fraud and criminal activity reduction and unnecessary military and government bureaucracy spending comes out to at least $338 billion a year.

In the face of these pre-identified savings and our $15 TRILLION national debt level, the President signed an executive order on November 9, 2011 that instructed the government bureaucracy to take the following steps:

Reduced the amount of money Federal agencies can spend on promotional (T-shirts,coffee cups, pens, etc.) items to promote the work of their agencies.
Reduced the amount of government cell phones and computers to be purchased and issued to employees.
Encouraged Federal agencies and employees to use video conferencing as a replacement for traveling.
Reduced the size of the government executive vehicle fleet.

The President's objective is to eventually reduce government spending by $4 billion in these areas of government expense. $4 billion, pathetic. While a reduction in any unnecessary government spending is always a worthy goal, consider the $4 billion in light of the big picture:

$4 billion is only 1.2% of the amount we identified above in potential savings.
$4 billion is only.002% of October, 2011's monthly Federal government deficit.
$4 billion is only.0003% of the expected 2011 Federal budget deficit.
$4 billion is only.0001% of the expected 2011 Federal budget.
$4 billion is only.0003% of the soon to be $15 TRILLION national debt.

As you can see, this executive order from the President can only be categorized as feeble. Again, we should applaud all government spending savings but these meager levels should be attained by middle level management government employees. One would certainly hope the most powerful man in the world would be involved in more global areas of government efficiency, well beyond cutting back on coffee cup purchases.

How meager are these potential expense savings? Consider the impact if we scaled the above math calculations to an average American household's budget (about $50,000 a year):

If the Federal government's 2011 budget deficit was equivalent to the average income of a typical American household, then Obama's $4 billion expense reduction would be equivalent to $1.54.

If the Federal government's 2011 total budget was equivalent to the average income of a typical American household, then Obama's $4 billion in expense reduction would be equivalent to $.55.

If the Federal government's national debt was equivalent to the average income of a typical American household, then Obama's $4 billion in expense reduction would be equivalent to $.13.

In other words, these proposed savings by the most powerful person in the world is equivalent, at most, to the cost of one Sunday newspaper per year.

Unbelievable insanity. And this passes for leadership in Washington. Two steps from come to mind that would help us start taking real steps to fix this problem,not the trivial actions from the Obama administration:

Step 1 would reduce Federal government spending by 10% a year for five years. This is the only way we can make any kind of substantial dent into Federal government spending and our national debt. This is the kind of bold leadership and initiative the President would be taking if he was a real leader. Worrying about coffee cups is neither leadership or effective.

Step 2 would impose term limits on all Federal politicians. It is becoming pretty obvious that the current set of Washington politicians do not know how or are unwilling to make the deep and necessary cuts to spending that are needed to save the country. The saddest part of this observation is that many of these expense reductions can be done without alienating voters, only the criminals that defraud government programs and expense contractors that would see their business decrease as we reduce unnecessary military spending.

Unfortunately, although we have big financial issues threatening our country, our political class continues to think in very small ways as far as finding solutions. We need broad imaginative minds working on large, strategic, and imaginative solutions, not coffee cup and tee shirt approaches.

By Bruno Korschek

New Republican Political Branding For 2012 - We Built That!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
As business owners we sure take a huge hit when it comes to the political rhetoric of class-warfare. It seems to me that the population has become so ungrateful for our sacrifices and hard work. We are used, underappreciated, and disrespected. Yes, I know, "if you want a good friend in Washington DC, buy a dog!" Still, to be disrespected by your President, the President of the greatest nation in the world, built through free-market capitalism, well at that point, enough is enough, I'd say. Yes, let's talk America, because there is something you should know.

When President Obama was asked to explain what he meant by his "You Didn't Build That Speech" he seemed to double-down and try to re-explain what he already said and what we all knew we heard the first time. He says that Mr. Romney doesn't get it, and that the small businesses of America ought to pay higher taxes for all the things that helped them succeed and that they couldn't have succeeded without the help of the government - to this I say; BS.

While in business myself, all I can remember is that the government at all levels attempted to curtail, tax, and over regulate my business doing everything possible to steal my hard work ethics and success along the way. I never once saw the government "Helping me succeed" and I would have been able to succeed in any nation with my level of hard work, any country on this planet. So, for him to take credit for my success and 27 years of 17-hours per day hard work is again; BS.

The President after hearing the push back from small businesses and large ones too stated that the government built the space program, medical devices, etc, etc. But on further review, just as we looked at his comments that the government built the roads, bridges, and dams, well, they couldn't have done that without Carnegie Steel, Bechtel, and all the entrepreneurs making the bricks, concrete, materials, and shipping and delivering it. Okay so, let's take up this latest comment about medical devices and the space program shall we?

Well, where do you think all the parts came to make all the hardware, equipment, and fuel to launch that space program? We Built That - Entrepreneurial Spirit. And what is he talking about when it comes to medical devices? Is he talking about DARPA which puts out endless solicitations to businesses to build stuff - we built that too, everywhere you go, everything you see was made, brought, or built by American businesses of all sizes - we built that.

The New Republican 2012 Campaign should be built around the new slogan; We Built That!

By Lance Winslow

Awareness Is Important to Vote for the Right Government

Sunday, June 3, 2012
A government is responsible for the well being of its people. Voting is an important right and people should exercise it wisely. Ensuring that they pick the right candidate is the wisest decision that they can make. The roles and the responsibilities on which they base this decision should include providing the three basic needs that is proper food, adequate living space and clothes at no cost. The fulfillment of these basic responsibilities helps to build a trust between the government and its people. It's also helps people decide if the government has fulfilled its responsibility and if they should receive the vote during the next elections.

A government should be open and transparent in their functioning. In a democracy, the government is responsible for the tax payer's money and should be held accountable at all times. Ensuring that the money is wisely spent is important. Transparency will also help to build trust between the government and the people. When a government plans and lets the people know about all the different challenges that they will be facing together it establishes a proper communication with its electorate. It's imperative that people are aware of these decisions and vote for a government that can hold up to this level of expectation.

One of the most important qualities that's required for good governance is experience and honesty. Most governments fall because they lose the trust of their people and are only hungry for power. There are political forums that exist online today that are capable of providing all the right information about the election and detailed candidate information. This kind of information can help to generate the necessary awareness. It ultimately helps people decide the right candidate who deserves their vote. These websites also provide details about the past records and performance of the candidates and measures their contribution to public development and welfare.

Based on such information, voters can vote for the right candidate. Some politicians tend to manipulate people into believing that they are the suitable candidates to win the elections. But it's important to be aware of such people. Instead of listening to election speeches and coming to a conclusion, people should refer to political forums and get their facts about election candidate's right. One of the things that these political forums do is ensure that they spread political awareness and keep people updated about current elections. You can also discuss about candidates and election trends on such forums.

Governments turn corrupt because there is always a lack of information amongst people. People, who are the main victims of corruption, need to share the injustice that they have faced through the right channels. One of the most important channels that are capable of bringing change today is the media. The media has the most wide spread network and it includes radio, television, news papers and the internet. With the help of all these modes of communications, taking a decision on choosing the right candidate will never be a problem. It's all about being aware and ensuring a safer future.

By J Viller

Why Should We Trust the Government to Fix Unemployment - They Caused the Problem

Friday, June 1, 2012
I don't know about you, but as a free-market capitalist I just cringe when podium pushing politicians tell us that they are going to create more jobs. That the government is going to get busy and do what it takes to get the economy going again. I hate to break the news to you, but that's just BS, government cannot create jobs in the free marketplace, only free-market businesses can do that. Sure, the government can throw around money, give away contracts, and help out in various sectors of our economy, but when it comes right down to it the government and even with their trillion dollar budget is quite small potatoes to the rest of it. Okay so, let's talk.

Do you know why we are in such a mess right now? The reality is that government leaders, along with their crony capitalist friends caused this problem in the first place. If government has caused the problem, what makes anyone think they are going to be able to solve it? They will merely be using the same tools they used before which is exactly why it got messed up. They will hire the same academic consultants and economists to help them through the downturn in the business cycle. Still, it should be interesting to note that the academics don't work or live in a free-market system, after all academia is an enclosed system which runs off of government subsidies, and government guaranteed and sponsored student loans, that's why it's another bubble in the making.

The professors of academia often work in a monopolistic fashion. Consider if you will that the textbooks they sell you, you can't buy anywhere else, and therefore they can charge you upwards of over $200 apiece, even if they only changed five or six pages from the previous year. If those professors allowed you to buy the e-book, and gave it to you for two to ten dollars, that would actually be a fair price for what you're getting. But when you are operating in a monopoly, you can charge whatever you want, and your customers have to pay, or they can't play.

We certainly can't run the rest of our economy like that, or we'd all go out of business, and no one would have any money left over for things that are important like food, you know people have to eat and all that. No, it won't be government that fixes are unemployment crises, unless of course they merely stand aside, get out of the way, and let the players on the field do the work, that's what the free-market is for, and the more it is manipulated, prostituted, or forced to bend to the ways of crony capitalism where big business and big government get in cahoots, the less the chances of anything ever recovering. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

By Lance Winslow