High Speed Rail and Big Government Projects - Where There's Smoke You'll Find Fire, Follow Money

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Why is it that we keep finding more and more fraud in government projects and big government purchases? How come it's always some ridiculous crisis and our government with our taxpayer's money throws 100s of billions of dollars at a problem, then later we find out there were less than ethical players on all side of the game with their hands out? Even Congressmen purchasing stock in those companies just before they themselves signed off on allowing those funds to be spent and those contracts awarded?

Luckily, the insider trading issues are a thing of the past, but what about all the bribes, lobbyists, kick-backs, and political assistance to keep these folks in power to give even more money to their new wealthy friends? Okay so, let's talk because this is not just something that happens in the US, in fact here it's actually mild, compared to the abundance of corruption elsewhere in the world.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article not long ago having to do with China's high speed rail system, it turns out they found corruption involved, even more than once thought after the huge train crash, apparently they entire rail line has challenges due to corrupt dealings. The article by Norihiko Shirouzu titled; "More Rail Misdeeds Come To Light in Chinese Audit," was quite telling and yet, I ask should we even be surprised?

Headline: Government Throws Big Money at a Big Project

A Year Later: Fraud Discovered in Big Project

I mean how many times does this have to play out in nations around the world for us to realize that anytime, perhaps, almost every time the government spends big dollars on anything that there are back-door deals, corruption, and fraud somewhere in the mix? And if you think our country is different, I'd say hardly, it may not be as corrupt but we've seen all sorts of corrupt deals in alternative energy projects here at home, and it's not even the Obama Administration, even though he came from Chicago School of Politics and everyone expected it - really, this crap has been going on for decades, just as Adam Smith warned us.

Further, there is always plausible deniability, no culpability, and all these leaders and players, just look dumbfounded about the whole thing - amazing, I say, simply amazing. It hardly matters if it is here at home, in Europe, the Middle East, China, Philippines, African, South America, Russia, or where ever, it's all the same. Shouldn't we stop this nonsense? Please consider all this and think on it.

By Lance Winslow